Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Force is Not Strong With Us All

What kind of things do my friends do on the weekend? Well, not everyone has seen the Star Wars movies so Steve is hosting a marathon. I'm not even a huge fan but I do like popcorn. Oh, and my friends. I think we're only doing the original ones- I can't handle Pinocchio's, I mean, Hayden Christenson's, acting. So wooden and unnatural, if you didn't get that.

But stay tuned for pictures from Matt's 13th, errr 31st, birthday party! There was pizza, games and a guest appearance by an adorable baby bump!


Melissa said...

That sounds like so much fun! Totally agree about Hayden Christanson. he is pretty much the worst actor EVER. I've watched other movies he was in to try to give him a chance, and he's the same exact way in every single role. He has three expressions. Pouty angry, fake crying angry, and over the top angry. I'm pretty sure a wooden board could have more emotion than him.

Matty said...

Oh man! Casting Hayden Christanson in Star Wars is like filming an eggplant with a toy lightsaber next to it. On second thought the eggplant is more dynamic.