Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Even more excitement but with a side of UNBELIEVABLE!

I took about a million awesome pictures at the Dan Mangan show last night but this one was likely the best. I told you we were going to be best friends. Plus he signed my cd and the t-shirt I bought is super cute, fits amazing and has excellent fabric. Yeah, I'm talking about fabric.

I mean, look at how happy Dan looks getting to have a picture with us. Not surprising. I am sure he was watching us in the second row all night. And one of his opening bands (The Burning Hell) featured a ukulele. Coincidence? I think not.

Likely I will make a slideshow or collage of my best pictures soon but I am too tired tonight. But! There! Is! One! More! Thing! To! Say!

Holy cow, I am going to get to cross an item off my bucket list this week! My hero, Canadian literary goddess extraordinaire, Margaret Atwood is coming to Edmonton. She is speaking at the U of A on Friday evening (so going) and will be doing a reading and book signing on Saturday at the Garneau (would rather die than miss this). The craziest thing? Tickets for the book signing (and likely the lecture) are still available and for the book signing they are only $5!! This blows my mind. Seriously. The kids are NOT all right if they aren't flocking to this. She is a Canadian legend and a national treasure. I will likely pee my pants when I meet her so I will need to stock up on depends beforehand. 2010 is the year of dreams- first Our Lady Peace and now Margaret Atwood? If I can somehow squeeze Tori Amos in next month I can basically die happy. Now the only questions are- what do I say to her and what book should I get signed???


Carter said...

Matt looks like a passerby trying to jump into the picture! Poor Matty, having to stand in the background.

Exciting about Margaret Atwood!!!! I am happy for you!!! Wow, your life is amazing.

Kirsty Bryce said...

There is only one logical answer to that question: The Handmaid's Tale.

Come to think of it, can you get me her signature on a copy of that book?? I will love you forever if you do.

Stephy said...


ambearo said...

I will see what I can do KB. Not sure how many things people are allowed to get signed.

Matty said...

I always look like I'm in the background when Amber meets famous people.