Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tea and Ukuleles

I've been a bad friend. I admit it. I am terrible at initiating contact. I loathe talking on the phone and I easily get caught up in silly online games. But, I am lucky that the friendships that I have endure despite my friendship faults. I think this is because I am good at choosing friends (but bad at calling them). So my friends, I am sorry. I may not get better at this but please know, I love you all and it isn't that I don't want to hang out. In fact, if you were to call me and ask or email me or comment on this blog... I would be very likely available and most definitely eager.

Tonight I got to spend time with a lovely, lovely friend who lives very close by but that I do not see nearly enough. We sat on her futon in her lavender apartment and ate lavender cupcakes (the taste, not the color) and drank peach apricot tea. We talked, caught up and watched ukulele videos on youtube. I secretly wish I could play ukulele- I think it's the happiest instrument in the world! Plus, I have tiny hands so it's impossible for me to play the guitar. Anyway, here's some ukulele for your listening pleasure!

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