Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pier One is a Dangerous Place

On Monday the sista and I went on an evening shopping odyssey. I had things to get (like an ipod stereo thing with wireless speakers that's going back because it sucks) and she was desperately looking for hooks for the mantle to hang their stockings on.

This lead us to the danger zone, aka Pier One.

I seldom go into Pier One. I rarely think about Pier One. Most of my memories have to do with Cindy coming home with outrageous Christmas ornaments after shopping there. Like a pickle. I figured, they must have what Steph's looking for. Then I proceeded to buy one of everything in the store.

I am so excited for Christmas though! And they have so much lovely Christmas stuff. I have to decorate my office, right? And we need something to keep the drafts out anyway- we're in a house that's over 100 years old! An adorable reindeer is an essential. I am weak and can't resist. And now they have my email address. Great.

What haven't you been able to resist lately?

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