Saturday, June 20, 2009


Since we've been staying at my Dad's house (almost a month now) Matt has been finding these freaky spiders in the basement bathroom. The first time we didn't think too much of it but now he's found close to 10 of them in total. Last night he found FOUR. FOUR! One of them was on Jules' bed! So they are no longer just hanging out in the bathroom trying to freshen themselves up. [I realize that spiders do not stay in one place even if I want to deny that reality.]

We have now captured 2 of them and I took some pictures of the largest of the two. It is so active, jumpy and huge! I looked carefully around the edges of the walls near the basement bathroom and I can see a ton of spiderwebs. I think they are living and breeding inside the walls!

The worst part is that I sleep in the basement!! I had the worst sleep ever last night because I kept dreaming of spiders crawling all over me. We've called an environmental guy to come and look at the spiders we caught and he should be here next week. Man, I hope we didn't accidentally buy a house that's built on a spider farm!!! (In the words of Steph.) Frick! I just hope it doesn't turn out to be the brown recluse or something. It may not live in Canada commonly but we've been traveling around a lot so who knows what could have tagged along!


Carter said...


Ok, you just need to RAID the entire basement and stay out of there for the day.

When you go back downstairs, they will all be dead.

Stephie said...

Come stay with me! I'm lonely...!

ambearo said...

So creepy. Maybe I should come stay with you Steph. Did you figure out how to do laundry yet?

Stephie said...

No... I'll just wait it out haha

Carter said...

This morning, I was in my garden and I saw two enormous spiders like those. Maybe they do exist in the natural Canadian outdoors.