Monday, June 15, 2009

High School Reunion

Like I mentioned, Saturday was my 10 year high school reunion. I was fortunate to be back in Canada for it (Matt missed his while we were living in Korea). Sadly less than half of the class made it to the reunion. A few are living in Ontario now and others had previous commitments. It's a small class to begin with (23) so it sucked that so many people couldn't come. That being said, I only went for the supper since I don't golf. Even though 10 years have passed things felt really similar. Dynamics were about the same. Amy and I kind of kept to ourselves and everyone else was friendly and polite enough but it was awkward. I've never felt like I fit in where I grew up. Part of that is probably my fault but I can't take all the blame. Most of the people have settled nearby or within our hometown and seem to be doing well. They definitely seem to be more settled and grown up than I am. Someone pointed that out to me (not at the reunion) and I reminded them that I was the youngest in the class so it's okay. Haha. It does feel like another lifetime when I lived here and saw these people. It's a strange thing to feel like you haven't changed and have changed completely, all at the same time.

Matt had an okay time too (the steak was fantastic) and surprised everyone when he randomly, without warning jumped over the balcony to retrieve someone's sunglasses. We left by 10 pm- I think most of the group was planning to stay overnight in their campers and really party it up but I just didn't have the heart to. It never was my crowd and it seems that it still isn't. Maybe I'll see them again in another 10 years.

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