Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Sleep Deprived WEM Trip

I haven't been sleeping great lately. I attribute it to a number of things that I am worrying about (job stuff, Matt LSAT stuff, life in general). Even though we went to bed really late (or do you say early?) on Saturday night I was still awake by 9 am on Sunday. After much lollygagging we decided to head to the big mall to do a bit of shopping and perhaps watch a movie.

As it turned out, we were super low energy. We explored the Asian grocery store and were delighted to find Mat Kimchi! It's like Matt made it himself. We'll probably buy some once we have our own fridge. We also ate some fantastic (but expensive) pho in honor of Vietnam. Yum!

Then I was on a quest to find a new book. I am sort of reading the Hitchhiker's series but I have to say I'm not that into them. I definitely couldn't read them all back to back. I've finished two (of five) and may even abandon the series altogether. Matt says this is sacrilege and I say Douglas Adams is mildly funny. Anyway, Matt is drowning in books (and even got a cool Bestiary reprint the other day at the Wee Book Inn) so I get to choose. I bought two- The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin and Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. The former was a book club choice from my book club in Korea that I desperately wanted to attend but we were leaving. Maybe I should just read everything they choose from now on even if I'm not in the club now. The other one just looked interesting and it's the one I've started and I am loving it. So far it's really funny and informative.

We decided against watching a movie in the theatre and instead bought ice cream and rented a movie. We watched Blindness and I thought it was pretty decent. Then it was time to turn in for the night so I could get a good sleep before my job interview (which I think went well- it was 75 minutes long, that's a good sign, right?).


Karmic Handbag said...

That looks like an actual restaurant! Is there a Vietnamese place in WEM now??? Wooooo!!!!

I think your book club in Korea sounded pretty awesome. Sounds like their selections are really good.

ambearo said...

Well, it`s a noodle place. Nothing too fancy but it was yummy!

My Korean book club WAS awesome. I miss them so much!!!!!!!!!! The book selection was great and they were interesting, fabulous people who I wanted to hang out with all the time!