Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Fun

I hope you all spent quality time with your Dad on Father's Day. Since I'm staying with my Dad right now I am lucky enough to see him all the time. We spent the morning re-painting Sharron's Frame Shop. Not the most glamorous activity but now it's looking fantastic! Just like the day she opened it!

Then everyone crashed and took a nap. We're like senior citizens or something. This was further proven when we spent the evening playing bingo. Hahah! I haven't played bingo in a really long time and I'm not sure Matt has ever played. It was obvious we were out of our league since we had half as many cards (or even less) than most people and when it came to daubing the numbers we were super slow and hesitant. In fact, when they played the Speedo game they only allowed us to have one card each. My Dad and Sharron each had nine!!!

My Dad won a couple of times and he managed to embarrass us slightly by having the announcer welcome us back to Canada over the loud speaker. Also, some woman came up to Matt and said, "Is that you Steven?". Hahaha. Apparently he has a twin. Here's the closest I came to winning. Yeah, if I had a day job I shouldn't quit it. Damn you O 73!!!!

It was a good evening though- I got to have Tim Horton's for the first time in ages and we watched Revolutionary Road, which is an excellent movie. I love you Dad!

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Carter said...

Awww! Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day!!! I have never played real bingo before. I think I would be too slow, too.