Monday, June 8, 2009

My Awesome New Phone!

So I took so pictures of my new cell phone because I am a nerd. Matt has the exact same one but in blue. He's even more excited because he's never had a cell phone before. He is under strict orders not to lose or destroy it. The cell phone is this model, an LG Rumour. I love how the keyboard comes out. We decided to get a shared plan through Virgin Mobile. I used to go through Rogers but they weren't anything special and so many people I know use Telus and hate them. I'm crossing my fingers that this works out to be as good of a deal as we think. Once we're set up in our own place and have internet we'll use Skype to call all of our long distance people. We're not going to have a home phone. So everyone should download Skype and then we can talk for free!


Anonymous said...

Once/if I ever get a computer, I will get Skype!!


P.S. More posts please!

Carter said...

I am validating your existence by commenting. ;)

I am SO disappointed you don't have a post up about your reunion!

ambearo said...

I'm not back from my Mom's yet. I will update this week. Thanks for validating my existence!