Monday, June 8, 2009


Like I mentioned, we have four beautiful puppies in the house! They are purebred Jack Russell's and really sweet and spunky. They are all sold though and two have been picked up. The other two are going to be gone this week. So I clearly must get a job/apartment/car/life so that I will have something to occupy myself. Otherwise I am sure I will just spend all day in the fetal position crying and wishing I had a puppy to cuddle.

I really wanted to keep one of the puppies but obviously I am in no position to have a pet right now. That's practically like having a child! It was disappointing when my favorite puppy was sold (she was sold last so I was sort of hoping that she might not get sold and therefore my Dad would be forced to keep her). I had a cute name picked out and everything but then a person with an actual home and money evilly swept in and gave her the most horrifying, puke inducing name. She is calling her Duchess. Poor dog! All the other animals are totally going to make fun of her!

Here are some of my favorite pictures. All of them have names: there's poor Duchess (brown and white with smooth coat), Bella (white pup), Lexi (black, brown, white) and Daisy (brown and white with rough coat). Puppies are really hard to photograph but I managed to take a million pictures of them anyway. Go here to squeal at all the cuteness!

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