Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Grind

It's so hard for me to stay motivated and focused at my Dad's house. We have an apartment to move into mid-July and it will be such a relief to be able to get organized. My Dad is totally awesome for letting me crash here but I will be so happy to just unpack. It can be so hard to function when you are still living out of a suitcase even though you're "home" for an extended period of time.

Today I applied for a whole bunch of jobs. Now I've applied for 10 in total and I am hoping I will start receiving some calls for interviews soon. I haven't been gone that long and doesn't it show how adventurous and fearless I am for living outside of the country? Come on people- hire me! I am totally employable. It could end up being a bit of a gong show if I do get a job soon. We are buying my Dad's Kia Rio and so will have to get the registration and insurance sorted out in the next week or so. We have a place to stay in Edmonton if I start working before we can move into our apartment, however, I would like to unpack and be organized!

Also on the agenda is getting everything ready for my best friend's wedding on July 18th. I guess it's nice that I am unemployed since I have time to try and plan things. Matt and I are the MCs for the reception and she has asked me to sing a song in the church while they sign their marriage certificate. I am pretty frickin' nervous. Actually I think the only people in my family that know she's asked me to do this are Matt and my sister Steph. I keep thinking maybe I will back out like a coward. It's been ages since I've sang in public and even longer since it was solo. Also I have no one to give me real feedback so it's hard to say if I am hitting the notes properly. Hopefully I am just freaking out for nothing.

What else? I am trying to start reading more because I would like to read 50 books this year. It might be a steep goal (yes, I realize there are people I know that read 100+ books a year but I am just not that amazing). I stole the entire Hitchhiker's Guide series from my brother's book shelf this weekend so if I finish that it will count for 5 books! I am excited to unpack for another reason- I have books packed away that I've never read. It will be a little bit like Christmas (although with used things that you own).

My friend showed me this video today and I thought it was hilarious. It's my reward after applying for jobs. Haha!


Anonymous said...

How come I can never log-in to the comments section?!!?

Curse you blogger!!!

I love this video. It made me laugh so hard.

Don't worry about anything. It will all work out. Love you!


Bybee said...

I've seen this video twice and I was LOL

50 books a year is good...that's nearly a book a week.

Stephie said...

My favorite line was " I'm totally shaking his haaaaand!" bahaha that was a gooder.. and you will be fine my sista mista just like I will be! Love you!

ambearo said...

That's weird Carter... I wonder what you are doing wrong?

Susan- 50 books would be good but I am already behind and probably will read even less once I start working again. I clearly need to read like 20 books this week. Haha! You're definitely my reading idol though!

I like the "flipping the bird" line and the ones about the ninjas. Love you too Steph. Thanks for the kind words!