Monday, June 8, 2009

Life in Canada

It's high time that I posted an update on how we are doing in Canada. Things are all right- we managed to get over our jet lag and have been staying mainly with my Dad. I did go to my Mom's last weekend and we had a good time and even caught a cool concert with a South African choir.

Matt is writing the LSAT today and should be finished it soon. What a gong show- he thought it was on Saturday and so we drove to Edmonton (I went with him so I could apartment hunt a little bit) and it turned out the test is today. Classic Matt! I was just glad that it wasn't on Friday or something like that. As long as he doesn't miss writing it!

We have cell phones now (something we did on Saturday since we were in Edmonton anyway) and I am really excited about mine. I think it's so cool and pretty. It's an LG and has a slide out keyboard for texting. Now I just have to hurry up and get an apartment in Edmonton so I can use it more. I'll take a picture of it later so you can see it.

Yeah, everything is pretty stressful. I've updated my resume and have been applying for jobs. We are basically starting over from scratch and need jobs, an apartment and a car in the next little while. We also have to do our taxes from the last three years so that will probably be a blast.

Something that has kept my spirits up and kept me ridiculously busy is the puppies that my Dad's dog recently had. There are four of them and I have been in charge of taking care of them while everyone else is at work. Most of you have probably seen the pictures of them on Facebook but I will do a post anyway. They are so sweet and cute!

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Stephie said...

Even if it is stressful.. I'm so glad you're home! <3